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  • Lan Ping, Li Senmao, Wu Xianrui.
    Colorectal cancer is one of the most common malignant cancers in the world. In China, the incidence of colo rectal cancer is increasing year by year, with the characteristics of the insidious onset, long time canceration and high cure rate of early stage tumors. [...Read more]
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  • Zeng Ziwei, Kang Liang.
    In colorectal cancer, the incidence of rectal cancer (RC) is relatively higher. Most of RC patients have chosen surgical treatment, while patient′s own conditions, inadequate preoperative preparation, less surgical experiences of doctors,improper postoperative management and other factors lead to the appearance of anastomotic complications, such as anastomotic leakage, anastomotic stenosis and anastomotic bleeding. [...Read more]
  • Liu Ruohong, Sun Hongyu, Zhou Jing, Tang Lijun.
    Acute pancreatitis (AP) is a local and systemic inflammation process which is characterized by extensive infiltration of inflammatory cells and outbreak of inflammatory factors. Recent researches have shown that macrophage play a critical role in the process of AP, in particular, peritoneal macro phage as a main innate immune cell in the peritoneal cavity which has been reported not only serve as the first line in host defense, but also help maintaining the immune homeostasis and coordinate the repair and regenerate response by regulating the polarization of their phenotype. [...Read more]